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Tired of telemarketers calling your landline or mobile? I'm sorry to say, they will never, ever stop. And no amount of screaming "take me off your list", or "he doesn't live here", or "I will never buy your product" will make these calls go away. 


But now there is a way to fight back.  The Jolly Roger Telephone Co. provides a friendly, agreeable, patient robot that talks to these rude telemarketers for you. It is happy to chat, and will typically keep an unwary salesperson engaged for several minutes.


These merciless organizations have technology on their side with robotic auto-dialers, robotic soundboards, and an array of other tools ...but they have no morals. Their weak spot is that they need human agents to talk to you when you answer. So the only way to stop this intrusive industry is waste their precious human resource - to hit them in the "cost of labor". Now by subscribing to the Jolly Roger Telephone Co. you can get help rid the world of telephone scammers!

Our Mission

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