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Robots for Business

Does your business get slammed by "cold-callers"?    Unsolicited sales calls to businesses can cause huge amounts of wasted time, and the interruptions can be very annoying.    Don't waste the valuable time of your employees!   Instead use a Jolly Roger Robot to take these calls and let your team get back to work.  

How does "Jolly Roger For Business" Work?

2) Pick a BUSINESS robot from the list below.  "Biz-Bots" say things that telemarketers expect when they call into an office location ("Can I take a message?").  But they also keep the telemarketer on the line as long as possible to waste their time.  You can change your robot-selection as many times as you like, free of charge.

3) We will assign you a DEDICATED phone number for your business.   Any employees that occassionaly receive unsolicted sales-calls:   let them know this number!   You can even have your IT staff set up speed-dials to make it a simple one-step process to transfer calls to the Biz-Bot.

5) After our robot is done talking to the telemarketer, it will send a recording to your email so can have a laugh, or check on who's calling.  


for 1,000 calls

Just click on your favorite Biz-Bot to add it to your cart.

Demo of Jolly Roger Classic Biz-Bot -
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Demo of Polly Crackers Biz Bot -
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