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OOMA for Simultaneous Ringing

Use this page to configure OOMA to simultaneously ring our robots.   We'll answer the telemarketers for you (and send you recordings), but let the real phone calls through.

Here are some helpful instructions for setting up OOMA Call Forwarding for Simultaneous Ringing of Jolly Roger robots.  If anything goes wrong with the verification with Google (steps 7 and 8 below), you can simply repeat these instructions and try again. It’s all automatic.

Assuming you have already signed up for OOMA, here are the step-by-step instructions:

1) Login to your account at .

2) Click on the “Preferences” icon on top menu

3) Click on call "Forwarding" in the left "Preferences" menu.

4) Check the box to enable ringing of another phone number, and ensure it’s set to “Always” ring

5) Click on the little gear icon to the right of the phone number (if needed)

6) Set the phone number to be called to the pirate of your choice (shown is any random pirate at (206) 259-4999)

7) Ensure the box “Require key press on enter” is NOT selected

8) Click on "Save" in the number edit box

9) Click on "Save" for the call forwarding settings to be applied

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