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My robot listens to a solar pitch

This is one of my favorite calls. At the start of the call, my robot asks if this is a real person so it can determine if it's a robocall or not. Unfortunately, I had a bug that caused it to ask her three times if she's real. Fortunately, it didn't phase her a bit and she keeps on going. Also, her pitch was soooo long that she triggered the "that was too much information all at once" routine.

She got all the way to the end and when the robot ran out of things to say, it just said "thanks for calling" and hung up. She was just getting wound up to scold me about wasting her time, but I missed it! I have since revised the code to restart the robot when it runs out of inane things to say. But this is a great example of the robot in action. I kept her busy for a while and hopefully prevented her from calling you.

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